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      Africa: The Funding Gap for Refugees in Africa Must Be Closed

      While many destination countries are restricting their protection of refugees, the global refugee population continues to grow. The most recent Global Trends report from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) shows that by the end of 2016, 65.6 million people worldwide were displaced by conflict and persecution.

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      Brain drain could be holding opportunities for Africa

      Abuja – When scientists and researchers from Africa and other developing regions gather, one can predict brain drain issue being on their agenda. The topic is usually characterised by lamenting on how it is robbing their respective backyards of talents needed for transformative development.

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      Wakanda’s feminist scorecard


      Black Panther is a pretty standard superhero origin story?centered?around?T’Challa, the new King and protagonist, who faces the?the obligatory plot twists: a test of strength, a test of character, and a challenge to the throne.

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      The Dark Chapter of Zimbabwe’s History That Won’t Go Away

      Bulawayo –?With Zimbabwe’s new President Emmerson Mnangagwa just concluding a 100-day timeline to address what he considered the country’s most pressing issues, which focused on economic revival, human rights activists have their own timeline. Survivors of the 1980s Gukurahundi atrocities, where a campaign by government soldiers claimed thousands of civilian lives, are demanding that the new president address the country’s dark past.

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      Burkina Faso and the realization that it is possible to win

      Activists most often focus on the grievances and challenges immediately in front of them. But in Burkina Faso many do so with one eye cast back, towards the historical precedents of popular action. In their speeches and writings Burkinabè debate the lessons of those prior struggles. In part, they do so in hopes of avoiding earlier blunders and shortcomings, to stand on the shoulders of the past. Yet frequently they also consciously draw inspiration from previous triumphs. Victories beget victory.

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      The health science missing in Rwanda, South Africa


      The next step for how science can boost healthcare in Africa is ‘implementation science’ — working out how best to apply research findings and provide services — according to Rwanda’s former Minister of Health and a senior policymaker in the South African government.

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